April 10, 2019

David Turnbull, david [at] priceofoil [dot] org
Collin Rees, collin [at] priceofoil [dot] org

Trump tramples on bedrock environmental laws in service to Big Oil

Today, President Trump announced actions aimed at speeding approvals of oil and gas infrastructure proposals. In response, David Turnbull, Strategic Campaigns Director with Oil Change U.S., issued the following statement:

“Today, President Trump has taken a jackhammer to two of our bedrock environmental laws, the Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, all in service to the oil and gas industry. In trampling on these foundational policies, Trump is doubling down on climate disaster, seeking to ram through new fossil fuel infrastructure that our society simply can’t afford. The United States is poised for a massive expansion of out-of-control oil and gas production in the coming years that will make it nearly impossible to avoid climate catastrophe if left unchecked, and Trump’s executive orders today move us in exactly the wrong direction.

“President Trump continues to have oil in his eyes, obscuring the ever-worsening crisis around us. Fortunately, the American people have woken up to this disaster in the making and are standing up for our communities and our climate. While Trump stands with Big Oil executives raking in billions of public dollars in subsidies each year, we proudly stand with frontline communities and the pipeline fighters and water protectors who are standing up every day for all of us. The fight continues.”


Note for Editors:

A January 2019 analysis showed that the new U.S. oil and gas production through 2050 could unlock carbon emissions equivalent to the lifetime output of nearly 1,000 coal plants:


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