🎃 A Halloween horror story (about Big Oil)

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In honor of Halloween, want to hear something spooooooky? Right now – as you read this – Big Oil and Gas are pouring millions of dollars into fighting back against real climate action at the ballot box. They’re turning our democracy into a haunted house meant to intimidate and scare real climate champions, and to … Read More

Endorsements, Part 2: 4 more real climate leaders to support

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Earlier, we posted the details on four climate leaders we’ve endorsed, and now we have four more to spotlight. The stakes of this election are enormous. For too long, politicians have been given a pat on the back for simply saying that they believe in climate change or support clean energy. With the latest report … Read More

Electing Real Climate Leaders to Stop Fossil Fuel Projects

October 4, 2018By admin No Comments

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of stopping the build-out of fossil fuel projects, Congress plays a role, but it’s the city councils, port authorities, and Public Utilities Commissions that are regularly making these crucial calls on whether fossil fuel infrastructure gets built – or gets stopped in its tracks. That’s why we’re renewing our partnership with Lead Locally to help elect climate leaders unafraid to stand up to industry at the local level.

After merger, ClimateTruth becomes Oil Change USA

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 15, 2018 CONTACT: Oil Change USA – info@oilchangeusa.org After merger, ClimateTruth becomes Oil Change USA WASHINGTON, DC — ClimateTruth.org Action, a project of Oil Change USA, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, will now officially be known as Oil Change USA. Both entities worked as partners before ClimateTruth.org Action legally … Read More